Greek natgas provider announces 90€ subsidy per MWh for Oct 2022

DEPA Commercial, Greece’s natgas provider, on Wednesday announced an across-the-board subsidy of 90 euros per MWh for next month – October 2022 – in line with the Greek government’s efforts to contain skyrocketing energy prices.

Some 700,000 household consumers are expected to benefit.

The subsidy affects total consumption of natural gas and covers 50 percent of the increases in the price of the energy commodity for all household users, regardless of income, size of the residence or provider.

In later statement, DEPA CEO Konstantinos Xifaras said the state-owned utility has “stood by consumers and businesses” since the beginning of the energy crisis, adding “our mission is to ensure the country’s energy security, not only in terms of sufficiency, but with a contribution to the citizens. In moving in this direction, we are taking every initiative and continue to support consumers and the national economy.”