‘Kivotos tou Kosmou’ to get new, experienced administrative board, Michailidou says

Τhe ministerial decision to replace the Board of Directors of the “Κivotos tou Kosmou”, following allegations of abuse at the child welfare NGO, will be issued on Tuesday at noon, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Domna Michailidou said in an interview with Mega TV on Tuesday.

“In order to protect the best interests of the children, we took the decision yesterday at an extraordinary meeting at the Maximos Mansion, chaired by the Prime Minister, to immediately change the Board of Directors, from today,” said Michailidou.

As she noted, the new administration will be transparent, efficient and have experience in child protection matters.

Among other things, the Deputy Labour Minister pointed out that in May 2022, well-defined specifications and a clear operating framework were established for Child Protection Structures in terms of inspections and staffing, while, at the same time, the building framework was set out.