Pfizer sets up global drug safety department in Thessaloniki

A group of Pfizer executives met with the president of the Thessaloniki Medical Association Nikos Nitsas at the association’s offices in view of – as they informed him – the opening and staffing the company’s new global department in Thessaloniki, which will be active in the safety of medicines around the world with a view to public health, as announced by the medical association.

The new department

As the company’s executives pointed out to the president of the Thessaloniki Medical Association, which represents 9,000 doctors of all specialties, “in this new department the Safety Risk Leads will be responsible for the analysis and understanding of safety data of one or more Pfizer drugs worldwide. These data will come from scientific journals, adverse event reports, clinical and non-clinical studies (invitro & in vivo) and epidemiological studies. Their responsibility will also be to collaborate and interact with regulatory authorities around the world on drug safety issues.”

It was also pointed out that “this new department is going to be an important opportunity for the doctors of Thessaloniki and of the entire country so that those who wish to do so can work by essentially contributing to the development and optimization of medicines and vaccines”.

Thessaloniki Medical Association approves

The president of the Medical Association of Thessaloniki approved the decision of the global organization to establish in Thessaloniki the specific drug safety department with the assistance and the decisive role of the city’s doctors – both from the private and public sector – who, even during the pandemic years, stood in height of the circumstances.

Mr. Nitsas thanked and congratulated Pfizer for the decision to invest even more in Thessaloniki and indeed in the medical sector, assuring that the city can host and develop similar initiatives and actions because it has an excellent scientific staff event that has been recognized internationally since members of ISTs staff hospitals, universities and research centers around the world.