Rolex robbery: Perp MO shows “Pink Panthers”.

The armed robbery at a Rolex store in the center of Athens caused quite a stir with police launching a manhunt to identify the perpetrators. The most likely scenario for the police is the reappearance of the “Pink Panthers” gang.

It was shortly before 11 a.m. on Tuesday when the armed assailants broke into the store on Kolokotroni Street, and hitting, according to testimonies, the security guard on the head with the gun, immobilizing him and acting immediately.

Four masked hooded men went to the store with the expensive watches, waited for the customer who was inside at the time to come out, and then broke into the store, took 23 watches and beat the security guard in charge of the store.

According to information, the robbers followed the following route: They crossed Stadiou street at high speed, with motorbikes, went up Amerikis street and disappeared towards Panepistimiou street.

The police are investigating the incident and all possibilities are open, even for the so-called “Pink Panthers”.

The Pink Panthers

The “Pink Panthers” are a gang that has its roots in Yugoslavia, in an old town. They first appeared in the mid-80s, in Podgorica. They did a big heist in Stockholm, where they stole 50 very expensive, luxury watches. One of the stolen watches was found last May in Athens.

The robbers, according to what emerges from the investigation, knew where they would fence the 23 watches they took. The Greek police have requested the help of Interpol in order to investigate the possibility that the “Pink Panthers” are involved.

In the meantime, on Wednesday, one of the two large engines used by the perpetrators to commit the robbery was located. The police investigate every clue in great detail, even if the robber who broke the window of the jewelry store is left-handed or right-handed.

The detail that may “burn” the robbers

Manos Kartsonakis, jeweler and designer watch dealer, gave details about the high-value watches stolen in the robbery, who referred to the unique serial number each watch has.

As he said “these watches are certainly of great value, over 5,000 euros each, much more if they are made of gold or diamonds”.

Explaining exactly what the serial number means, he said that “every time a customer goes to a watch store to sell something, the dealer contacts the official dealer who has a database of all the watch serial numbers, what model it is, what chronology. He knows if he has an issue, a problem. So, in case it is stolen, its owner is arrested.”