Poll gives ND lead, albeit smaller one

A poll by the Pulse company for Skai TV gives ruling New Democracy a lead over main opposition SYRIZA, but with a drop in its share and a narrowing of the gap.

According to the projected results based on voting intentions, conservative ND would receive 30% ahead of leftist SYRIZA with 26%. Center-left PASOK would get 10%, followed by communist KKE (6%), nationalist Greek Solution (4%) and radical leftist MeRA25 (3.5%). The party of the jailed extreme right-winger and former Golden Dawn member Ilias Kasidiaris is at the threshold of entering the Parliament, with 3%. Undecided voters amounted to 13%.

It was the company’s first survey since the fatal accident at Tempe and the majority of participants (51%) believe that Greek governments have the greatest political responsibility for the current state of the railways, with 28% holding the current ND government responsible, and 4% the previous SYRIZA administration while 12% hold both to account.

For the day after the elections, 27% of participants say they would prefer a single-party ND government and a further 10% would prefer a coalition government led by ND.

Another 14% would prefer an independent government led by SYRIZA, while a larger percentage, 16%, would prefer a coalition government led by SYRIZA.

Six percent support the prospect of a grand coalition with ND, SYRIZA and the participation of other parties.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis maintains a lead as the most suitable prime minister with 35% against 27% for Alexis Tsipras.

Neither of the two is considered suitable by 34%. At the same time, citizens consider it more likely that ND will win the election, which has a 48% lead over SYRIZA’s 27%.

An interesting element of the poll is the high percentage of participants who said they will vote in the upcoming elections, given the high abstention rate recorded in recent years.

Indicatively, 91% said they will definitely vote or probably with 5% saying definitely not and probably not.

The percentage of those definitely voting is highest among those aged 60 and over, reaching up to 88%. The percentage decreases as the age falls – 62% in the 17-29 age group. At the same time, an overwhelming percentage of voters who intend to vote for ND and SYRIZA said they are determined to go to the polls, reflecting that both parties have rallied their bases to a large degree.