Suspected fraudster wanted in Switzerland arrested at Athens Airport

A 44-year-old man wanted in Switzerland for online fraud was arrested at the Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” on a European arrest warrant on Tuesday night, police said Thursday.

Swiss authorities believe the accused is a member of a criminal network that engaged in online investment fraud against citizens primarily within the European Union.

The ring promised big revenues in the field of alternative investments, luring victims to initially invest small amounts which yielded profits. The victims were then asked to invest larger sums which could not be returned.

The criminal gang had allegedly set up a company based in Kyiv that acted as a front for a labyrinthine network of offshore companies and bank accounts through which the sums of money invested by victims on their platforms were moved around.

After concealing the origin of the money the gang “laundered” the amounts with the help of cryptocurrencies.

The suspect was led before a prosecutor on Thursday.