Approximately 7,000 additional voters living abroad will be able to vote in the repeat elections

Greeks abroad will have the opportunity to vote one day before the June 25 general elections, as was the case in the May 21 elections.

Approximately 7,000 additional voters will be able to vote abroad in the repeat elections, in addition to the 22,857 voters registered in the special electoral rolls abroad for the elections on May 21, bringing the total number voting from abroad to 30,000. These voters had been unable to vote from abroad in the May 21 elections because they had submitted their application to register after the deadline. Now, if they meet the criteria, they will be included in the new electoral rolls of the Interior Ministry as normal.

The higher number registered in the special electoral rolls abroad may also increase the number of polling stations set up, as a minimum of 40 voters is needed to create one in a specific location.

More specifically, those whose voter registration application was approved 12 days before the date that the elections are announced can vote in the repeat elections on June 25. For example, if the date of the next elections is formally announced on May 29, Greeks abroad whose application was approved on May 17 will be able to vote.

In terms of challenging rejections of applications to vote abroad, the Greeks who believe it was wrongfully rejected must submit their objections by May 26 in order to be added to the special electoral rolls.