Metro Analysis poll: Displeasure with gov’t handling of natural disasters; inflation

Results of the latest Metron Analysis opinion poll on Thursday showed disappointment with the conservative government and the opposition, in the wake of a spate of particularly devastating wildfires over the summer, recent widespread flooding in central Greece and tenacious inflation, especially with food prices.

The poll was conducted before and after an internal party election for main opposition SYRIZA party, with results showing continuing lackluster results for the latter.

Indicatively, asked whether the situation in the country is headed in the right or wrong direction, 62 percent of respondents picked the latter, compared to a 49-percent “negative” result in June.

The most pressing problem, according to 36 percent respondents, is a rising cost of living, followed by the economy (23 percent).

Conversely, the Mitsotakis government is mostly credited with a positive tourism season, a continuing digitization of the cavernous Greek state, defense and foreign policy.

On the negative side, the government is given particularly negative ratings (70 percent disapproval) in the law and order category; dealing with inflation (69 percent disapproval); dealing with corruption (70 percent disapproval) and natural disasters (74 percent disapproval)