Hellenic Post CEO: New business plan fully underway, progressing rapidly

The plan for the restructuring of the Hellenic Post (ELTA) is progressing rapidly, with an emphasis on the reorganisation and upgrade of the network.

According to the CEO of ELTA Grigoris Sklikas, the new business plan, which has been fully underway since July and is gradually unfolding over a period of 18 months “aims to upgrade the experience and service of customers and to increase our efficiency, as a modern and fully competitive postal services company, while at the same time creating conditions for its further development.”

“By upgrading production functions and structures that were designed 30 years ago and have not been updated since then, we are gradually transforming ELTA from a cumbersome and costly organisation into a modern, extroverted and fully competitive postal service force that responds to the new situation,” he added.

Based on the data, the reorganisation of the network has already been completed at 143 points throughout the country, with the consolidation of understaffed and unprofitable branches, the reduction of operating costs, better staffing of branches and better utilisation of ELTA’s real estate.