Tangible results from tourism’s extension

The tourism season’s extension strategy is bearing fruit and “already from this year we have tangible results,” Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) General-Secretary Dimitris Fragakis said on Sunday.

He also noted that GNTO always had the extension of the season as a main pillar of its initiatives.

Focusing on this year’s tourism period, Fragakis said that “we already have the first results as this year’s tourism season started very early, in early March, and many destinations will have visitors until mid-November.

At the same time, the demand for Athens is very high for the winter with increased flights from many airlines.

“The extension [of the tourism season] is a collective effort which has been supported by everyone: the market’s professionals, the local communities, local administration organizations. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ initiative in 2022 for creating incentives abroad aiming at the extension of the tourism season that GNTO was called to implement worked very well.

“Greek tourism is enjoying today the fruit of this initiative,” Fragakis said.

He added that he had a series of contacts with the international markets on the extension of the tourism season in the context of World Travel Market exhibition in London and that Greece will have the same high performances in 2024.