Androulakis: Our goal is to beat ND, not overtake SYRIZA

PASOK leader Nikos Androulakis has reacted to Thursday’s public survey indicating that the once-dominant Socialists have surpassed the main SYRIZA opposition.

“I don’t want any PASOK official to celebrate. Our aim is not to surpass SYRIZA, but in the next parliamentary elections, for PASOK to emerge as the winning force against New Democracy,” Androulakis said in an interview with Antenna TV on Friday.

In an Opinion Poll survey conducted for Action 24 TV, respondents were asked whom they would vote for if elections were held today. The results showed 31.1% in favor of New Democracy, 12.9% for PASOK, and 11.9% for SYRIZA.

“PASOK has gained 4.2 points in five months. While PASOK is indeed on the rise, it necessitates effort rather than celebrations. It calls for active engagement with the issues affecting the citizens,” Androulakis said.