Budget outperforms in January-October

The Greek state budget recorded a primary surplus of 6.084 billion euros in the January-October period this year, up from a budget target for a surplus of €1.746 billion and a primary deficit of €350 million in the corresponding period in 2022, the National Economy and Finance Ministry said on Wednesday.

The general government budget showed a deficit of €477 million in the 10-month period, from a budget target for a deficit of €3.484 billion and a shortfall of €4.77 billion recorded in the same period last year.

Net revenue was €53.93 billion, €867 million above the target. Tax revenue was up 8.4% to €50.82 billion, tax returns totaled €5.55 billion, up €545 million from the target, and Public Investment Program revenue was €2.808 billion, €881 million below the target. Budget spending amounted to €54.406 billion, €2.14 billion below the target and up €767 million from the same period last year. Regular budget spending was €941 million below the target.

Public Investment Program spending totaled €7.73 billion in the January-October period, €1.2 billion below the target.