ECB praise for Greece’s banking progress

The European Central Bank’s Supervisory Board (SSM) Chair Claudia Buch acknowledged the progress made by the Greek banking sector during her two-day visit along with Single Resolution Board Chair Dominique Laboureix to Athens.

At the end of the visit, Bank of Greece Governor Yannis Stournaras noted: “We had an excellent meeting with Claudia Buch, Dominique Laboureix and our colleagues. We discussed all issues that fall within our remit in a climate of mutual trust and excellent cooperation.”

The chair of the ECB Supervisory Board, Claudia Buch, thanked the governor of the Bank of Greece and its supervisors for their commitment and very productive, trustful collaboration since the start of ECB Banking Supervision 10 years ago.

“Good European collaboration in the banking union and strong supervision have played a decisive role in the progress made by the Greek banking sector,” she said.

The chair of the Single Resolution Board, Dominique Laboureix, said: “This visit is a good example of the excellent cooperation between the European authorities on the one hand and the national authorities on the other – it is vital to have this close collaboration in order to protect financial stability. The Greek banking sector has come a long way since the financial crisis. This is a good news story, even if we must always remain vigilant.”

The heads of the two European institutions met with Stournaras and top executives of the Bank of Greece.

They also met with BoG executives from supervisory departments, whom they thanked for the excellent level of cooperation.