MYTILINEOS considering listing its shares on an international stock exchange

MYTILINEOS is considering listing its shares on an international stock exchange, including the London Stock Exchange, within the next 12-18 months, taking into account its increasingly diversified and international geographic presence and aiming to increase the marketability of the share for the benefit of investors.

MYTILINEOS remains committed to its contribution to the Greek economy and society, with significant and robust operations in Greece, tax revenue generation and the expectation to maintain the presence of the Athens Stock Exchange, where MYTILINEOS has been listed since 1995.

“As part of an extensive strategic review, MYTILINEOS will evaluate various organic and non-organic growth opportunities, its capital allocation model, its capital structure and the most suitable structure for trading its shares on an organised market (listing structure),” according to the announcement.

The company also announced a significant improvement in results for the first quarter of 2024, despite the decline in turnover due to lower energy prices.
More specifically, net profits rose 10% at 158 million euros, a performance that constitutes a record for the first quarter in terms of profitability.