More workers coming under digital labor card scheme

Businesses operating in the industry and retail sectors have until June 30 to adapt to the requirements of the digital labor card, which is going into full effect, and take the necessary actions to comply with the new “Ergani II” system that will operate from July 1.

The use of the digital card in industry and retail has been foreseen since the beginning of the year. It concerns, among others, small businesses that employ up to 10 workers, a category which also includes all the licensed sellers of street markets.

Of course, it does not concern employees who do not start or finish their daily employment at the registered office of the licensed seller-employer; it applies only to those with a physical presence at the company’s headquarters.

Therefore, in the case where there is no card punching at the start and/or at the end of the working day for employees in the sector, due to the nature of the work object, since the counter is set up in a different place every day, the working hours for the specific day are presumed as the daily working hours declared in the “Ergani” information system.