MYTILINEOS Energy & Metals: Portfolio of 180 projects with a capacity of 3.59 GW in Italy

MYTILINEOS Energy & Metals aims to develop more than 180 sustainable energy projects in the Italian market with a total capacity of 3.59 GW, as well as investments in solar energy and energy storage, as announced on Monday in a presentation held in Milan on the occasion of the inauguration of the new headquarters company offices.

During the event, the president and CEO of the Company, Evangelos Mytilineos, spoke about the strategy and development plan in Italy.

MYTILINEOS is present in Italy with mainly solar energy and storage projects in different regions of the country, such as Sicily, Sardinia, Calabria, Campania, Veneto, Lazio, Romana and Abruzzo, with a total portfolio of 180 projects and a capacity of 3.59 GW.

Specifically, the MYTILINEOS portfolio in Italy includes:

– 2.4 GW of photovoltaic projects, with an average capacity per project of 30 MW
– 873 MW of storage projects, including an 8 MW plant in Cheremule (Sardinia) already operating
– 84 MW ready to build (RTB)
– 310 MW consisting of wind farms in Sardinia, Basilikata and Molise
– a 35 MW “green” hydrogen plant in Taranto.