PM Mitsotakis: EP Election Results Key to Greece’s Strength in EU

rime Minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, said the results of the upcoming European Parliament elections will determine “the strength of Greece’s voice at the European level for the next 5 years,” in an interview on Greek TV channel ANT1.

He reminded the news channel that when Greeks vote for Members of the European Parliament, they are electing the national representation of Greece.

Moreover, he explained to ANT1 that the elections are “critical” because very important decisions are expected to be made in Europe over the upcoming period, which will take place “in a geopolitical environment that is much more challenging than that of 2019, when the last elections were held”.

As a result, Mitsotakis said Greece’s representation needs to be as strong as possible to ensure that its position is heard.

Speaking about some of the key issues expected to influence voters, the Prime Minister told ANT1 that inflation is the greatest problem being faced by Greeks at the moment.

And while it is also a problem for Europe and in the United States, its impact on the cost of living for Greeks is more severe because inflationary pressure arrived after a long period of crisis, added the Prime Minister.

The government has taken a series of measures to ease these pressures on the Greek society and it seems that they are beginning to bear fruit, although the Prime Minister expressed to ANT1 the government remains cautious of the matter.

European Parliament elections are scheduled for Sunday, June 9, in Greece.