Agreement for transfer station serving Thessaloniki Metro is signed

A supplementary agreement related to pedestrian and vehicle accessibility works for the Thessaloniki metro was signed on Wednesday in the presence of Infrastructure and Transport Minister Christos Staikouras, Deputy Minister for Infrastructure Nichos Tachiaos, and regional leaders.

The agreement between Elliniko Metro SA and the contractor will restructure a 500-meter section of Michail Psellos street, connecting it to the remaining street network and creating a transfer station for urban buses, taxis, and private cars. It will be near the “Nea Elvetia” metro stop.

Budgeted at 10.47 million euros plus VAT, the project will be completed at the same time the Thessaloniki Metro is finished, in November 2024.

“Following many years of delays, waiting, and hardships of the citizens of Thessaloniki, we are close to 5 months before the day the city acquires a Metro, perhaps the most advanced in Europe,” Staikouras said of the main Metro line, which will include 13 stops.

Tachiaos added that the transfer station “is a significant intervention for Thessaloniki, as it will connect the two ends of Thessaloniki. That’s why we are allocating 10.47 million euros additionally through the agreement we signed today.”