Search Efforts Continue on Symi for Missing BBC Host

Search efforts continue for missing BBC host Dr. Michael Mosley, who went missing Wednesday while holidaying on the Greek island of Symi.

Greek authorities believe Dr. Mosley might have fallen from a great height, while walking on Agios Nikolaos beach, and into a secluded area away from the well-trodden path.

The coast guard, police and special dog unit, fire department, and a volunteer group have been searching the surrounding areas of his last-known whereabouts, while a helicopter and drone have also been deployed to offer a view from above.

A senior security official involved in the search, speaking to The Guardian, expressed his confusion, saying “It’s crazy, it makes no sense. How can somebody just disappear in broad daylight, in the middle of the day? If something had happened to him we would have found him on, or near, the path he was walking along on his way back to the port where he was staying with friends. And, yet, all these hours later there’s nothing.”

When the BBC Host went missing

On Wednesday afternoon, the 67-year-old was at Agios Nikolaos beach with another couple when he decided to return to his accommodation. It appears that Michael Mosley left his phone at the beach, making it impossible for him to contact anyone.

A Symi resident spoke on BBC Radio 5 Live about the area that Dr. Mosley went missing, saying that “It’s a road that sort of heads over the mountain side but it’s been recently widened and there is only one route, so it’s not possible to lose your way. It’s probably a 20-minute walk down the side of the mountain, but it’s not overly rugged or something that would be seen to be too dangerous, it’s something that tourists do every day in the summer.”

Who is Dr. Michael Mosley?

Dr. Michael Mosley is Britain’s most well-known TV doctor. He graduated from Oxford and went on to become a TV host on the BBC. He writes a column in the Daily Mail.