Industrial production index shows increase

The industrial production index showed a 10.8% increase in April compared to April 2023, thanks to an upturn of 14% in the electricity supply index, a 10.3% rise in the manufacturing index, 8.8% growth of the water supply index and a 4.4% advance of the mines-quarries index.

The increase in the manufacturing index was mainly attributed to the jump in the indices of repair and installation of machinery and equipment (28.6%), production of tobacco products (19.7%), production of basic pharmaceutical products (19.7%), manufacturing of metal products (19.3%), and of other non-metallic mineral products (18%).

On the other hand, the largest decrease was recorded in the leather industry (-25.9%), in clothing manufacturing (-12.6%), in the manufacturing of motor vehicles, trailers and semitrailers (-9.4%), in the industry of wood and cork products (-6.8%), and in the industry of rubber and plastic products (-1.7%).