Twelve cities near forestland sign up for program creating fire lanes around them

Twelve municipalities in Greece were approved for a government initiative that funds the creation of 10-m wide fire lanes around communities inside or near forestland.

The program is Environment and Energy Minister Thodoros Skylakakis’ initiative and the inclusion of the 12 cities in the program was signed on Wednesday (June 12) by Green Fund President Yiannis Androulakis.

The first municipalities to use the initiative are the following: Thermi, Penteli, Ermionida, Kropia, Corinth, Fyli, Acharnes-Thrakomakedones, Lavreotiki, Patmos, Rethymno, Chaidari, and Korydallos.

Funding for the entire program totals 30 million euros and comes from the Green Fund’s “Protection and Upgrade of Forests 2024”, implemented by the General Secretariat of Forests through the regional forestry services.