One in four Greeks at risk of poverty or social exclusion, Eurostat reports

Data released Wednesday by Eurostat, the EU’s statistical office, indicate that one in four Greeks and two in 10 Europeans were at risk of poverty or social exclusion last year.

In 2023, 94.6 million people in the EU, accounting for 21% of the population, lived in households facing at least one of the three poverty and social exclusion risks: risk of poverty, severe material and social deprivation, or living in a household with very low work intensity. This figure shows a slight decrease from 2022, when 95.3 million people (22% of the population) were at risk.

Greece ranked fourth in Eurostat’s findings, with 26% of its population at risk of poverty or social exclusion. Romania had the highest percentage at 32%, followed by Bulgaria at 30% and Spain at 27%. The lowest rates were recorded in the Czech Republic (12%), Slovenia (14%), and Finland and Poland with 16% each.