Kikilias: The state mechanism is on alert

“The Civil Protection forces have managed over the last days to address dozens of dangerous fires, before they could threaten lives and property,” Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Minister Vassilis Kikilias said on Thursday, adding that “today the situation will be even more difficult.”

He underlined that the state mechanism is on high alert. At the same time, he called on citizens to demonstrate responsibility.

In his statement, he referred, among others, to the tough battles fought on Wednesday by firefighters, both against a fire at the factory in Kifissia and with the wildfires in Messinia, Rhodes, Evros, Zakynthos and Boeotia.

“The early onset of the heatwaves, combined with the dry winter, present us with an extremely difficult fire fighting season. At the same time, our firefighters also fight urban fires. They fought such a tough battle yesterday afternoon at the factory in Kifissia, in an extremely dangerous fire, which they managed to contain in time, before it spread to neighbouring facilities, with devastating, as we can all understand, consequences,” he noted.