Defence ministry signs contract with ETME for cutting-edge unmanned surveillance platform at sea

The Hellenic General Directorate for Defensive Investments and Armaments has signed a contract for the building of Unmanned Semi-fixed Sea Platforms for Maritime Surveillance (USSPS) with the company ETME, according to an announcement on Thursday.

Launched in 2021, the “ Unmanned Semi-fixed Sea Platforms for maritime Surveillance” (USSPS) project is being developed under the European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP) by the European consortium led by the innovative Greek company ETME with two of the largest EU defence manufacturers, Naval Group and Navantia.

Emerging from the original patented concept of Floating platforms for maritime surveillance owned by ETME, the USSPS system aims at combining innovative solutions for the integration and coordination of C5ISTAR capabilities to generate maritime surveillance networks of sensors based on semi fixed unmanned platforms.

With ETME, as leader of the consortium, and Naval Group as Technical coordinator, the consortium brings together major European industrial actors, as well as research centers. Thanks to their fruitful cooperation, the project is now advancing into prototype design, which opens many opportunities for the Greek and Cypriot supply chain.

The C51STAR system allows the reception and merging of data, video, images and status information from all USSPS sensors. The system will be able to provide planning and execute the management and control of all sensors, results and UxV and maintain a Common Operational Picture (COP).

The 42-week programme is part of the long-term R&D cooperation between Greece and France and is expected to lead to significant market opportunities.