Dijsselbloem: “Greek people need to make more sacrifices”

The Eurogroup president Jeroen Dijsselbloem spoke of the need for further sacrifices by the Greek people and stressed the importance and urgency of implementing structural changes and completing negotiations with the troika, as many Eurozone finance ministers are “starting to run out of patience”.

Mr. Dijsselbloem explained that the Greek government must implement its commitments and carry out the necessary structural changes in an effort to regain competitiveness and attract investments. The Eurogroup chairman noted that there is a lot do and expressed his concern with the lack of progress.

The Dutch politician was adamant that Greece must fulfill its obligations and dismissed the notion that implementing the provisions of the agreed upon rescue packages are austerity measures. Mr. Dijsselbloem further opined that every country “without exception” must take similar steps to increase competition and tackle unemployment by reducing expenses.