Telemedicine service for emergency heart problems launched on five Greek islands

An telemedicine service providing support in the care of emergency heart problems has been launched on five remote Greek islands, via the National Telemedicine Network, the 2nd Pireaus and Aegean Regional Health Administration announced on Wednesday.

The new service, which went online last Sunday, provides doctors on the islands of Symi, Kasos, Sifnos, Amorgos and Oinousses with expert advice to assist them in diagnosing the seriousness of heart problems, allowing them to consult a specialist cardiologist in the Thriasio Hospital and thus make a more accurate assessment of each patient’s condition.

This is expected to lead to better decisions in the handling of emergency cases, including on whether patients need to be airlifted to a hospital on the mainland.

The health ministry said the aim was to expand this support to other islands in the National Telemedicine Network, while the ultimate aim was to provide 24-hour weekly coverage for emergency heart cases.