A liberal democracy with an open society leads to a prosperous future: PM Mitsotakis article

Liberal constitutional democracy as a government can overcome economic crises and demagoguery and deflect its erosion by populism, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said in an opinion article in Kefaleo economic newspaper published Sunday.

In an article titled “Liberal democracy: an open society with open prospects”, Mitsotakis affirmed his belief “in a state able to offer solutions to the country’s defense, to citizens’ safety, and to public health and education.” This state establishes rules on economic activity without damaging its impetus and productivity.

The premier also expressed his belief in an open society that bridges individual freedom with collective prosperity, building national wealth and ensuring that this wealthy is distributed equitably. In a changing world, he noted, love of country and commitment to defending it, without easy slogans and rhetoric, is an unshakeable value.

Greece, he said, “prospered every time the government’s choices were in tandem with the mature demands of society.” He said that in the two years he has been in power, he is “proud that our government, even if called upon to handle successive and multifaced challenges, stood by every Greek man and woman. This is how it will continue, open to reforms and with open prospects ahead.”