A majority at the next elections within ND’s reach, Koumoutsakos says

Main opposition New Democracy will win the next elections, while a single-party majority in Parliament was within its reach, ND’s shadow foreign policy minister George Koumoutsakos said in an interview with the Athens-Macedonian News Agency on Sunday.

Commenting on the upgrade of Greece’s F-16 jets, Koumoutsakos said that ND considered this essential but had questions about how much the deal will cost, how many planes are involved, whether there are offset benefits and whether Greece’s defence industry will be involved.

“The government has an obligation to explain what the bill will be and how it will be broken down,” he said.

According to Koumoutsakos, the prime minister could have come away from his Washington visit with much better results but walked away “with only the imperative upgrade of the F-16s”.

On whether the present government was “stealing” ND’s agenda and platform, Koumoutsakos said the current government was only paying lip service to investments in order to cling on to power “but is believed by no one, including investors”.

On the issue of the Macedonia name dispute and whether ND would back a resolution, he said that the party’s stance “has been given since Bucharest and Costas Karamanlis’ resolute stance.”