Achtsioglou: Employees on minimum wage remain below the tax free threshold

“Employees who are paid the minimum wage continue to be below the tax-free threshold,” Labour Minister Effie Achtsioglou said on Monday in an interview with the public radio station.

Referring to ND’s attitude towards a measure reducing the tax-free threshold in 2020, she noted that the government’s intention is to cancel this measure. “On the contrary, the main opposition has introduced it into its programme and this was made clear by Mr Mitsotakis’ position at the TIF, where he unfolded his overall program for the next day and included a reduction in the tax-free threshold,” she added.

“New Democracy is exposed because it is once again investing in a ‘doomsday’ opposition line,” the labour minister said, pointing out that the government, “as it did with the pension cuts measure, which was canceled, is working intensively to also withdraw the measure to lower the tax free threshold, which is also neither financially nor structurally necessary.”

Regarding the increase in the minimum wage and the abolition of sub-minimum wage, she said: “The new higher minimum wage is a law and will be respected by employers because they know that it would be totally wrong for them to make such an obvious violation, which would make them pay fines.”