Achtsioglou: Tax allowance reduction measure fiscally useless

We believe the tax allowance reduction measure fiscally useless, stated Labour Minister Efi Achtsioglou in an interview with the Sunday newspaper RealNews noting that “a SYRIZA government will obtain its annulment”.

She clarified that a discussion on a 20-25 euro increase on the minimum wage is groundless noting that the ‘height of the increase is the issue of an ongoing procedure” and it is something the Labour minister will decide “and will approve the Cabinet in January 2019”.

Achtsioglou noted that the tax reliefs propelled by the government “will not change the philosophy of 2016 insurance reform” adding that today “by developing that good fiscal performances we reduce the contributions of 250,000 professionals”.

Finally, referring to the collective contracts she stated “we are examining all the signed sectoral collective agreements in order to extend them and the next one will be the one that refers to foreign airline companies’ employees”.