Activists issue invitation to rally on climate change on December 9

A number of organizations, communities, civil society movements and other initiatives on Wednesday called on Athenian citizens to join a rally against human causes of climate change on Sunday, December 9.

Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International, the Greek Forum of Refugees, the Ecological Recycling Society, Organization Earth, as well as Greenpeace, and WWF Hellas were among the organizations that issued the call. The rally is organised on the occasion of the 24th UN World Summit on climate change (UNFCCC) scheduled to take place on December 2-14 in Poland.

Athenians are invited to meet at the Acropolis metro station at 11:00 a.m. to march to Syntagma Square. They will be joining their voices to those of thousands of others around the world, who will also take to the streets during the UN Summit to call on their governments for immediate action in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In a statement, the Greek office of Greenpeace said, “Did you know that Greece is not aligned with countries taking serious action, but is preparing policies that ignore scientific appeals for urgent action and that are consistent with a temperature increase of at least 3 degrees Celsius?”