Addressing refugee issue is a priority of the Maltese presidency, its ambassador to Greece Cuschieri says

Malta’s Ambassador to Greece Joseph Cuschieri in statements to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency on Monday stressed the importance of addressing the refugee-migrant problem and the need to distribute refugees in EU member states.

He added that during the Maltese presidency in EU he will be working closely with the Greek authorities, and especially with the Minister for Migration Policy Yiannis Mouzalas.

“The refugee issue is our top priority,” he said.

“The fact that migrants from Africa arrive in countries of the region, mostly Malta and Greece, does not mean that these people want to stay in these countries. Instead, they want to move to northern Europe and elsewhere. It is therefore clear that the problem is a European problem, and not of a problem of one member state,” he noted.

Libya, Syria and Turkey are the key countries to address migration, the ambassador of Malta said. “We fear that the problem will escalate in the coming months, if do not look in depth the problems of Libya, which may explode in the Central Mediterranean and if we do not understand the conflict in Syria. And, of course, we must be in close cooperation with Turkey, which is an important partner for the control of EU external borders,” he said.