Administrative Reconstruction Min postpones civil service assessments until April

Administrative Reconstruction Minister Olga Gerovasili on Wednesday announced that a public-sector staff assessment process has been put on hold until early April. In a circular sent out to civil service departments, the minister said the decision was prompted by a need to “avoid unnecessary bureaucratic burdens” and to make necessary “technical adjustments” to the assessment process.

She said the process will resume once a new circular has been sent out, which will arrive in the first week of April and provide clarifications.

The suspension of the process was also requested by the civil servants’ union federation ADEDY, during a first meeting of the joint working group on public administration on Wednesday. The minister agreed with the trade unionists request to suspend the process until dialogue is completed, proposing an April 5 deadline. The union also opposed an amendment that barred all those not participating in assessment from managerial positions.