Adoptions in Greece decline by 18.5 pct in 2016

The adoptions in Greece dropped 18.5 percent to 221 in 2016, in comparison with 2015 (271), said the independent Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) on Wednesday.

The highest decline was recorded in Attica region (33.5 percent) and the biggest increase in the region of Sterea Ellada (81.3 percent).

The total of girls adopted came to 113, a 20.4 pct decline, and of boys to 106 (15.9 percent down), compared with 2015.

Adoptive parents were mostly married couples (15.4 pct decline), while one-parent families declined sharply, by 46.3 percent.

The adoptees were mostly children born out of wedlock, while a reduction (53.8 percent) was recorded in the number of children born to married couples.

Regarding the age of the adoptees, the vast majority (62.4 percent) were children between 0-5 years of age, while the highest decline was recorded in the age category of over 19 years old (46.7 percent).