Aegean Airlines, Olympic Air and Ryanair have cancelled flights on Sunday

Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air have cancelled all flights in their network from 0:01 on Sunday and all flights to and from Greek airports on Monday until 23:59 due to 24-hour strikes announced by Greek air traffic controllers. Eight flights will not be cancelled but change departure time.

On Saturday, Aegean Airlines has cancelled its flights from Athens to Tel Aviv, Beirut, Amman, Tbilisi, Tehran and a Tehran-Athens flight, while it has changed the departure time for others.

Ryanair urged the European Commission and the Greek government to take steps to “avert the closing of Greek skies,” following the cancellation of 110 Ryanair flights.

The airline said it will have to cancel four flights on Saturday night and all 106 flights to and from Greek airports on Sunday, while more cancellations and delays may follow on Monday.

In order to avoid cancellations and delays by small groups of air-traffic controllers, Ryanair proposes that they try to settle their grievances through binding arbitration rather than strikes. It also suggests that air-traffic controllers in other European countries be allowed to coordinate flights when local air-traffic controllers are on strike. Finally, it asks that flights going through a country’s airspace during a strike should not be affected and that airlines be allowed to seek compensation set under the EU261 law from those responsible for strikes.

The airline also advises its passengers to consult the website to check the status of their flight before going to the airport, adding that all passengers affected have been informed via e-mail or SMS and given the option of either a full refund, an alternative booking, or a booking on the next available flight.