Aegean Airlines to buy 42 A32neo Airbus aircraft for 5.0 bln US dollars

Aegean Airlines intends to sign a pre-agreement with Airbus for the purchase of up to 42 new A320neo aircraft, worth 5.0 billion US dollars, Eftihios Vasilakis, vice-president of the airline told a news conference on Wednesday.

Speaking to reporters, Vasilakis said this is the biggest private investment in Greece and announced that the final agreement will be signed in the summer. “Today is the beginning of a new cycle of growth and creation for Aegean. With the investment in new technology A320neo aircraft we renew our promise for quality services to passengers, strengthen our competitiveness, multiply possibilities of contribution and development of our workforce, improving further the first impression of the country,” Vasilakis said.

The new aircraft offer possibilities to provide new services to passengers and increased range to reach new destinations and markets, while significantly strengthening the company’s competitiveness, through fundamental benefits contributing to the improvement of operating cost. Vasilakis said Aegean Airlines chose the Airbus aircraft instead of the Boeing aircraft because of the new A321 mid-range aircraft, currently not available from Boeing. The pre-agreement envisages the order of 30 aircraft, two types of the A320neo family, with the option to order 12 more aircraft.

Aegean Airlines operated 46 jet aircraft of the A320 family and 12 turboprop aircraft. The agreement is part of an expansion programme and fleet renewal effort expected to be completed in the 2020-2025 period.

Eric Schulz, Chief Commercial Officer in Airbus, said: “We are very pleased that Aegean chose the top seller family of aircraft for mid-range flights, entering the group of airlines that use this new type. The homogeny offered by these aircraft, combined with lower operating cost, covering longer distances and offering a wider cabin, make the A320newo family the best choice for developing airlines like Aegean”.