After dividing the Greek society, Tsipras attempts to divide the Church, ND’s Kikilias argues

New Democracy (ND) shadow Defence Minister Vasilis Kikilias on Monday sternly attacked Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras accusing him that after dividing the Greek society, he now attempts to divide the Church.

Speaking to SKAI TV, Kikilias said that Tsipras wants to show that he touches all the difficult matters and is a reformist prime minister who is not afraid of the political cost to proceed with taboo issues. “A prime minister who is, according to his statement, an atheist raises a major issue and divides the Church of Greece,” he said noting that ND does not accept Tsipras’ mockery against the clergy and the faithful.

On the Greek-Turkish relations, Kikilias said that a huge energy game to change Europe’s natural gas supply is underway in which there is the strong alliance of Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Egypt and USA.

“Greece does not give away any of its sovereign rights. The EEZ was agreed in 1982 at Montego Bay and is our inalienable right the way a state decides to exercise its foreign policy and protect its rights. That’s why we have a huge controversy with Mr. Tsipras. Because his policy towards Turkey and the handling of the Turkish provocations is insufficient and unsuccessful.”