Agriculture minister again invites protesting farmers to engage in dialogue

Agricultural Development and Foods Minister Stavros Arachovitis on Monday repeated an invitation to protesting farmers to meet and hold talks, following a meeting with representatives of farming cooperatives operating in Crete.

“Dialogue brings results but there has to be understanding on all sides,” he noted. Even though it might not possible to satisfy all of the farmers’ demands, he added, a timeline could be worked out for resolving a series of issues that concern them.

The minister said the government was examining the possibility of a broader meeting involving several ministers for this discussion, and noted that he was waiting for the farmers to set a date.

“We are open to all forms of dialogue and, of course, we will look at this and evaluate it on the basis of our communication with the farmers at the roadblocks,” Arachovitis said.

The meeting with the farmers from Crete focused mainly on problems faced by local farmers, including those created by climate change that they noted “appears to have come to Crete to stay”.