Air traffic in the 10 months of 2021 standing at 45.7% of 2019

Passenger traffic shows a significant increase to + 118.1%, while arrivals from abroad record an increase of 126.9% in October 2021 compared to October 2020, according to the statistics of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) .

Also, the total statistics for the ten months of 2021, from all airports in our country record an increase of + 69% compared to the corresponding season last year, while compared to the corresponding 10 months of January / October 2019, where flight bans and restrictions due to the pandemic had not entered into force, the drop reaches 45.7%.

January / October 2021 statistics

In particular, the statistics of the CAA for passenger traffic at airports in the 10 months of January / October 2021 show the following:
The total number of passengers handled reached 32,057,627 million, showing an increase of 69% compared to the corresponding period of 2020 whn 18,967,841 million passengers were handled.

Regarding the number of flights at the country’s airports, we also had a positive sign as they amounted to 339,187 of which 138,344 were domestic and 200,843 were international, showing an increase of 45.9% compared to the corresponding period of 2020 where a total of 232,442 flights were operated.

Comparing 2021 with 2019

Comparing the statistics with the 10 months (Jan / Oct) of 2019 when the flights were 478,872, this year there is a drop of 29.2% in aircraft traffic. In the total passenger traffic that was 59,069,514 in 2019, now for the same 10 months there is a drop of 45.7%.

Big increase in international passenger arrivals

The picture of passenger traffic in October 2021 is positive as the statistics record a large increase. Specifically, in terms of international passengers, arrivals in October this year came to 1,683,723 passengers, while in October 2020 741,932 passengers had arrived. This is an increase of 126.9%. The total number of flights (domestic and international) this year amounted to 45,771, also recording an increase of 74.6% compared to the corresponding month of 2020 when 26,208 flights were handled.

The total number of passengers (arrivals / departures) in October this year reached 4,994,121 passengers, showing an increase of 118.1% compared to the passenger traffic in October ’20 which was 2,290,132 passengers.

Comparing the aviation data for October 2021 with the statistics of October 2019, when there was no Covid-19 disease and restrictions on flights, the arrivals of foreign passengers this year show a decrease of 10.1% (in October 2019 there were 1,873,245 international passengers) and the total passenger traffic at Greek airports decreased by 11.6% (in October 2019 it was 5,650,541 passengers).