Al. Tsipras: Voters will not reinstate the “bankrupt” political system of the past

SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras repeated his conviction that voters will not reinstate the “bankrupt” political system of the past and that SYRIZA will win the upcoming elections, in an interview with “Ethnos” on Sunday.

“Already, all the polls show that our support is rallying significantly,” he noted, stressing that voters did not want the return of those that wanted to cover up past sins, give back all that was won in the negotiations and hide the lists of tax evaders back in their drawers.

He said SYRIZA, during its seven months in government, had shown willingness, determination and a political plan to defend the interests of the majority by “ending the sickness of intertwined interests and cronyism.”

On the decision to call elections, Tsipras said this was unavoidable because his government had been overturned from within, by Leftist MPs. Asked about the possibility of collaborating with New Democracy in a coalition government, he said that the two parties would be unable to agree on policy and represented very different social interests.

“ND is with Mr. Schaeuble’s Europe. We are with the forces that wish for a social shift and a decoupling from neoliberal beliefs,” Tsipras said.

Addressing a rally in the coastal city of Kalamata on Saturday, Tsipras appeared equally confident that his party will emerge victorious on September 20 and promised to form a “government …to unite our people in a major patriotic and democratic invitation, under the flag of equality and social justice.”

He noted that a big SYRIZA victory would signal a major change in Europe, given the upcoming elections in Spain and Catalonia and a shift in balances within Europe.

“Despite the efforts of the regime of oligarchy and corruption to resurrect the bankrupt political system, we stand fast and carry the flag of the struggle with pride,” he said, stressing that SYRIZA was fighting those that wished to turn the country’s first Left government into a brief interlude.

“Next Sunday the people will deliver the final blow to the bankrupt political system of indecency, submission and inequality,” he said.

Accompanying Tsipras in Kalamata was German MEP and Vice-President of the European Parliament Greens Ska Keller, who introduced him saying: “We believe that only together can we achieve a better future. Without environmental justice, there can never be social justice.”