‘Alexander the Great was a Greek’ Tajani says, in response to furore in Greece

“I am well acquainted with history. Alexander the Great was a Greek with ideas that contributed to the birth of Europe,” the new European Parliament President Antonio Tajani commented in a post on his Twitter account on Thursday, written in Greek.

An announcement issued by Tajani’s office, meanwhile, noted that the European Parliament’s standing position is that the internationally recognised name “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” is the only name the Parliament recognises for FYROM.

A video of comments made by Tajani in 2016 during a visit to FYROM’s capital Skopje, caused a furore in Greece on Thursday, prompting reactions from the Greek foreign minister and Greek MEP Dimitris Papadimoulis. Addressing a meeting in Skopje last February, Tajani had referred to FYROM as ‘Macedonia’ and told an enthusiastic audience that they were “descendants” of Alexander the Great and Philip II of Macedon.