Alexis Tsipras: The NHS has almost reached its limits

The Greek national health system has almost reached its limits and we ought to substantially support it, we ought to take initiatives in order to address this tragic and dramatic condition, this tragedy that Greek society is experiencing, main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance Alexis Tsipras stated on Monday, after his visit to the Athens’ General Hospital “Giorgos Gennimatas” where he met with the hospital’s board and employees.

“The country is experiencing a tragedy,” he said, adding that the number of deceased in the last weekend recorded a “negative and sad record”. Greece with 211 deaths in two days was ranked 10th in terms of its population. “This tragedy should trouble us all. The weaknesses are known as well as the complacency and the responsibilities but the question is how we can now save what can be saved, to save human lives and support the doctors and nurses every day battle”.

Tsipras said that the government does not want to support the national health system adding that “according to OECD’s official figures, Greece is one place before last in the EU member-state list for expenses on the national health system since the start of the pandemic”.

Even worse, he added, in the state budget tabled in parliament for 2021, the budget for the public health system for next year is lower than in 2020.