All relevant ministries mobilised after earthquake on Crete, Economou says

“From the first moment, there was a mobilisation of all the ministries involved and communication with the local authorities in Crete,” government spokesperson Yannis Economou said on Monday during a press briefing, starting with the earthquake on Crete.

“Unfortunately, we were informed about the loss of a fellow citizen. It seems that so far we do not have any citizens trapped. Those who were trapped and rescued have been taken to hospital. I think the health authorities have dealt with the problems. Competent units of the Infrastructure Ministry have already started the inspections and if necessary, additional forces will depart for Crete. The whole state mechanism is on alert. All the relevant ministries will act within their remit to assist local authorities and help repair the damage. Obviously we will continue to monitor the seismic sequence,” he said.

The government spokesperson continued the briefing with an assessment of the prime minister’s attendance of the 76th UN General Assembly.

“The prime minister’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly and the multifaceted and important meetings he had with political leaders and important personalities in business and science made it clear that through his international contacts and his continuous effort, he has managed to upgrade Greece’s political and geostrategic role, effectively defending our national rights and aspirations at all levels.”

“Greece,” as the prime minister stressed in an event of the Greek community “is stronger today.”

“It is stronger economically, as it records impressive growth rates for a western country. It is stronger geopolitically because it has created a network of strong alliances but also militarily through the armaments programmes that we promote,” he underlined.

Εconomou pointed out, “that the prime minister stressed that all this is reflected in Greece’s impact abroad, which contributes to our further political and financial support.”

“Putting our country at the forefront of the world for the salvation of the natural environment, the prime minister spoke in detail about tackling the climate crisis, from the podium of the UN General Assembly.”

He stressed that Greece has given top priority to actions to address the climate crisis, emphasising that the country is investing 24 billion euros for the green transition.

The prime minister also noted that Greece, as a factor of stability and justice, is an active supporter of the European integration of the Western Balkans, while sending clear messages to Turkey. “He made it clear once again that Greece is in favor of a peaceful settlement of disputes in accordance with the United Nations Charter, which prohibits the use or threat of the use of force. At the same time, however, he made it absolutely clear that we would continue to protect our sovereignty and our sovereign rights. He reiterated that Greece remains committed to supporting the UN Secretary-General’s efforts to resume negotiations to reach a lasting solution to the Cyprus issue, stressing that any discussion based on a two-state solution is completely unacceptable.”