Alpha Asset Management M.F.M.C.: Alpha Mutual Funds post top performance for 2021

Alpha Mutual Funds (MFs) recorded outstanding returns and ranked in the top positions of their categories for yet another year. These returns benefited both existing unit-holders and new investors who entrusted their savings in the Company’s products and led to a remarkable rise of its assets under management by Euro 0.8 billion (+55%) in 2021.

Alpha Mutual Funds’ top rankings confirm their status as a reliable investment choice over time. The Company’s objective is to be investors’ first choice, for its capacity to generate consistent performance as well as for its accumulated know-how and high-caliber human capital.

A leader in global investments

Alpha Global Blue Chips Equity Fund Classic (+31.8%) secured the first place in its category. It is an equity portfolio investing in multinational leaders globally, having recorded the highest return among all Alpha MFs. Alpha Cosmos Stars USA Equity Fund of Funds Classic with a return of +30.8% was also ranked first in its category. Both these international MFs ranked first in their categories over the 3-year and 5-year investment horizon, demonstrating their unrivalled performance over time.

Alpha Global Allocation Balanced Fund Classic (+15.8%) was also at the top of its category, becoming the largest MF in the Greek market having attracted the highest inflows in the industry. It also gained the highest ranking (5 stars) by Morningstar, as a recognition of its superior performance versus its international peers (SICAV).

Moreover, Alpha (LUX) Global Themes ESG FoF EUR also recorded remarkable returns, both in 2021 (+20.6%) and during its 2-year overall course (+37.4%). It is an innovative MF that incorporates ESG (environmental, social, governance) criteria in the investment selection process, while it also promotes sustainable development.

Best-in-class in the Greek capital markets

Alpha Greek Corporate Bond Fund Classic (4.8%) stood out among the MFs that invest in the Greek market, ranking first in its category. In addition, Alpha Greek Balanced Fund Classic (+9.1%) is among the leading MFs with the same investment policy in 2021, as well as over the 3- year and 5-year investment horizon.

High returns were also recorded by Alpha Aggressive Strategy Greek Equity Fund Classic (+19.0%) and Alpha Blue Chips Greek Equity Fund Classic (+17.0%), which extensively outperformed the Athens Exchange (10.4%).

Alpha Asset Management M.F.M.C.’s 32 years of presence and innovation, offers easy access to the world of investments, through top-quality products and services and premium performance over time.

The Company actively supports the sustainable development of the economy and the promotion of responsible investment policy, having been included in the United Nations- endorsed “PRI Initiative”.

Source: Hellenic Fund and Asset Management Association, with returns dated 31/12/2021