Alpha Bank wins awards in Extel Survey 2017

Alpha Bank won significant awards during the annual Extel survey promoting the best European companies in the financial services sector.

Alpha Bank’s Institutional Investors and Analysts Relations department ranked 1st for the fourth successive year in Greece (Corporate Best for Investor Relations) among 30 companies, after ranking 9th among 139 banks in Europe.

Alpha Bank also ranked 38th among the top 100 companies in Europe (Top 100 Corporates Best for Investor Relations).

Alpha Bank’s Asset Management Company ranked first among asset management companies in Greece and Panagiotis Antonopoulos ranked first among Greek mutual funds managers.

Two Alpha Bank’s asset management executives, Mr Ioannis Haveles and Mrs Violeta Spyropoulou also ranked among the top 10 Greek managers.

The bank said these distinctions were proof of the confidence showed by the international investment community to Alpha Bank.