Alt. Defence Minister: Greece not discussing ‘non-existent issues’ with Turkey or Albania

Greece is not discussing non-existent issues with Turkey and Albania and does not recognize “grey zones” in its territory, Alternate Defence Minister Dimitris Vitsas in an interview with magazine “Greek Defence & Technology” published on Tuesday, commenting on recent comments by the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama.

“We are not discussing non-existent issues and for Greece there are no grey zones; there are only sovereign rights,” Vitsas was quoted as saying. “As far as the statements of Turkish officials are concerned, I think they mostly express their insecurities,” he added.

Commenting on the ongoing talks over Cyprus, the minister said time “doesn’t always work in favour of the faits accomplis” of the Turkish invasion and occupation.

“It is very important that after 42 years, we are keeping the issue active in international fora – that is, that the Cyprus issue is first and foremost an issue of invasion and occupation. All this, along with the instability in Turkey and its region create a framework, which could lead to a jointly accepted and viable solution, without armies and foreign guarantees,” he said.

Asked about the possible instrumentalization of refugees and refugee flows by Turkey to pressure Europe and Greece, he said: “We want to be clear: Such action would constitute a hostile act. I’d like to believe we will not face such a situation.”