Alt. Defence Minister Vitsas: Not looking for excuses for Moria; we were caught unprepared

The ministry of migration was caught unprepared by the freezing weather, Alternate Defence Minister Dimitris Vitsas said on Wednesday, talking to Real FM radio station on the living conditions facing refugees in the camp of Moria in Lesvos, adding he will will not attempt to make any excuses.

“We were caught unprepared because of the intensity of the weather conditions … Unfortunately Greece is not prepared for so much snow. I am not looking for excuses, especially for Moria,” the minister said. “Neither me nor Yiannis Mouzalas wanted tis t happen.”

Vitsas said the situation on the mainland is much better. “On mainland Greece, there are no problems, this is the important thing. Except from a few tents at Vayohori and the 100 heated tents in Hellinikon,” he said.

Asked about the stance of Lesvos’ hoteliers who are reported to have refused to host refugees and migrants during the cold spell, the minister said he was very displeased. “You go mad when you hear these things…Let the Lesbian people judge them,” he added.