Alt Econ Minister Charitsis: Greece leaves tough financial supervision behind

Greece is exiting the adventure of its bailout period, a time of trial that traumatized the Greek society, Alternate Economy and Development Minister Alexis Charitsis told national broadcaster ERT1, while blaming New Democracy and PASOK for their policies leading to the loan memoranda.

“We are not saying that everything has righted itself as if by magic,” he said, “but we are saying that we managed to get out of the tough supervision, and this is a fact. Only the leaders of the opposition don’t understand this.”

The Greek people understand that financial health cannot be restored from one day to the next, Charitsis said, but pointed out that the government managed to be first among European countries in the absorption rates of EU structural and Juncker Plan funds, while “very many small and medium-sized projects are being implemented in Greece through such funds.”

The minister said the government needs to reform the institutional framework for large-scale investments. Meanwhile, he added, over 32,000 businesses have benefitted from the new and simpler e-registration system, making away with old bureaucratic processes and the cost to registering new companies.