Charitsis: Conclusion of 2nd review must be ‘politically, socially and economically tolerable’

The government was striving to complete the second review of Greece’s adjustment programme as soon as possible, but not in “any way that would allow it to remain in power,” Alternate Economy and Development Minister Alexis Charitsis said in an interview published on Sunday.

“The completion of the second review by us can only happen if it is politically, economically and socially tolerable,” he told the Greek newspaper “Epochi”.

The government was working hard to conclude the review but “not in a way that further injures society, will cancel established European rights in labour relations and undermine the country’s growth prospects,” he said.

Monday’s meeting of the International Monetary Fund’s Executive Board, he added, will indicate what role the IMF will play in the near future. He also stressed that the government must avoid entering a “process of extended negotiations.”

“We are at a critical point where things must be cleared up,” he said.