Alt. Economy Min. Charitsis: Today’s Eurogroup crucial for the Greek economy

Thursday is a crucial day for the Greek economy, Alternate Economy and Growth Minister Alexis Charitisis said speaking to the Athens Macedonian News Agency’s radio “Praktoreio 104.9 FM”.

“We have gone through very crucial paths in the last year but today’s Eurogroup will give us a picture on the progress towards the completion of the second review of the Greek programme,” he noted.

It is important that this issue closes and the Greek economy breathes after seven years of recession, said Charitsis adding that the way this issue will close is also important for the government. “It has nothing to do with our obsessions as the main opposition accuses us of but with the way we will return to the European acquis, how the labour relations will be restored and the primary surpluses after 2018,” said Charitsis.

Referring to the funds that have been created for the real economy, he noted that three of them will assist the enterprises, the construction sector and the start-up businesses so as to have access to liquidity through loans.

Charitsis also announced that significant capitals will be offered to very small enterprises.

Asked on Poul Thomsen’s estimates for the unemployment in Greece, he said: “Fortunately, Mr.Thomsen’s estimations have been proved wrong in the past.”